27 Random Acts of Kindness

Hi all! Happy Friday! Finally the weekend!

Since on Sunday I turned 27… I thought during this upcoming year that I would like to do 27 Random Acts of Kindness. This is great way to give back in a little (big!) way and to celebrate this new year of adventures! And we all know that kindness inspires other kindness. Here is my list:

27 Random Acts of Kindness:

  1. Take someone to dinner
  2. Surprise someone with a special treat
  3. Tell my family I love them and I am grateful for them
  4. Call an old friend I haven’t talked to in forever
  5. Make treats for my office
  6. Buy someone’s coffee
  7. Buy concert tickets for someone
  8. Buy football tickets for someone
  9. Bring muffins/ cookies to my Aunt in Macon
  10. Plan a date night for Chris
  11. Put carts back at grocery store
  12. Leave an inspirational message on a random car
  13. Volunteer at something
  14. Donate clothes
  15. Pay someone’s parking meter
  16. Let someone go in front of me in line
  17. Write a letter to a deployed soldier
  18. Give an awesome compliment
  19. Send a holiday card
  20. Send a birthday card
  21. Donate food to a shelter
  22. Encourage someone
  23. Say thank you to my parents
  24. Fold someone’s laundry
  25. Smile at a stranger
  26. Be polite to someone in traffic
  27. Leave a generous tip


I encourage you all to make your own list! And pay it forward!!! I’m starting today!

Have a great and healthy weekend!

Prosper and be in good health,



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