Fun Friday Questions

Hi all,

I found these questions online and thought it would be fun to answer for this Fun Friday!


1. Do you believe in bigfoot? No way.

2. If you could do ANYTHING in the world and have that be your career and your skills, paycheck, or anything else was not an object…what would you do? Workout and get paid! Maybe this will happen soon?

3. What is your favorite childhood memory? Driving around the US with my family in a green mini-van and seeing National Parks.

4. What’s for dinner tonight? Shrimp!

5. What was the most fabulous vacation you have ever been on in your entire life? Greece with my boyfriend in July.

6. If you could have a super power what would it be? Teleporting! Or to eat anything and not gain weight! LOL

7. Would you rather always be super freezing cold or ridiculously overheating hot? Freezing. You can always put on a sweater!

8. Why did you start blogging? I want to share my healthy lifestyle with others! And inspire them!

9. What was the last compliment you received and what was the last one you paid to someone? “Nice necklace!” (to me this morning at work) “You look hot” (to my boyfriend in his ACUs)

10. What is your most favorite thing to eat? Peanut butter, sweet potato fries

Your turn!

Prosper and be in good health,



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