Healthy Tailgating Tips

Hi all! This weekend we are headed to Gainesville for the Florida v. Arkansas football game! Let me just make one thing clear… I AM NOT A GATORS FAN. I AM AN OHIO STATE BUCKEYES FAN! FOREVER. I am just going to support the BF.

Buckeye fan forever!

Anywho, football games mean one thing: tailgating! However, most tailgates include lots of alcohol and unhealthy food. In order to reach my goals here are some healthy tailgating tips I’ve come up with:

Lulus Healthy Tailgating Tips:

  1. Save a cheat for the tailgate. I’ve been eating really clean all week, so I think I will treat myself to one cheat on Saturday. I will make sure to limit it to one thing though to avoid a binge. The worst thing that could happen is to just throw all your hard work away and let completely loose. Keep yourself in check with one cheat and SAVOR it!
  2. Plan healthy meals and snacks. I plan on bringing some hard boiled eggs, raw veggies, nuts and quest bars!
  3. Have a healthy meal before the tailgate and drink a lot of water so you don’t feel hungry or tempted.
  4. If you do choose to eat the food, try to load your plate with protein and veggies if available.
  5. Eat one plate of food, but don’t go back for seconds. Wait a little bit to see if you are actually hungry or just tempted by all the food around you.
  6. Limit alcohol. Alcohol has lots of empty calories. Be careful, drink lots of water and dont drink too much!
  7. If you bring an item for the tailgate here are some ideas to bring:

Hummus and raw veggies or pita chips

Fresh fruit

Salad with olive oil and balsamic

Keep it healthy at the tailgate!

Happy tailgating and have a great weekend!

Prosper and be in good health,



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