Likes/ Dislikes


Fall. Bring on the pumpkins, sweaters and fall colors!

Football. Go buckeyes! Go Browns!

Peanut butter. PB2. Or any nut butter for that matter.

Boot camp classes. Started a new trial today at Train Me 24/7 and I loved it!

The Bachelor/ Bachelorette. I know. Lame. Who cares?

Burpees. Love how empowered they make me feel.

Plantains. Sweet potatoes. FOOD.

Candles that smell like cake. YUM.

People who say “Bless You” after a sneeze. How nice!




Driving around town looking for free parking. Ugh.

People who stand around and talk in the gym. Come on people!

People who dont put their carts away in the grocery store parking lot. Really? REALLY?

Twerking. Nuff said.

Folding laundry. Who likes this?!?

Burpees. They are tough!


Prosper and be in good health,




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