Book Reveiw: Eat Clean and Follow Your Dreams

Hi all,
Hope you are having a good weekend… Enjoy these last few hours!!!! Today I wanted to review a book I recently got online. It’s by Kelsey Byers. You may recognize her because she is all over the Internet as a fitness fanatic, clean eater, and “former chunky chick” (as she calls herself). She has had an amazing transformation since she started eating clean and lifting weights. And now she is preggo!!! Congrats to her and her husband!

So…the review:
The book was short and sweet. She talked about her unhealthy habits and always struggling with her weight. She met her husband and they both decided to get in shape. Then, she decided she wanted to be a fitness model and hired a nutritionist. She lost a lot of weight and became well known in the fitness industry.

I liked the story of her past, but I wish there was more narrative to it. I wanted to hear more about her daily struggles and ups and downs. The shortness of the book makes it seem like she lost the weight fast… Even though she swears she didn’t. I just was looking for more real stories from her.
She also talks about the benefits of lifting weights, which I loved. So true. Lifting weights (heavy) is one of the best things women can do to get in shape fast. You go girl!
I also liked how she advocated clean eating. However, most people can’t hire a nutritionist. More tips for those of us who don’t have a nutritionist would have been helpful.
I did like the little chapters on water and cheat meals. It shows that this is a lifestyle change and isn’t a “diet” or quick fix! I agree, one gallon of water a day… And cheat meals to satisfy cravings on occasion… Not all the time!

Overall, I liked the book and its theme— her dream was to be a fitness model and she made it come true! Her story tells me to follow my dreams too!

In fact, I think I will announce a big step for me soon… Be on the lookout!!

If you haven’t read this book, definitely pick it up sometime!

Question: What are your dreams? Have you read Kelsey’s book?

Prosper and be in good health,




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