Weekend Goals and Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends! Why does this seem like it was such a looooonnnnggg week, even though it was a short one?!?! Phew. I’m glad it is almost over! It is the weekend!!!!! We are headed 4 hours south to a friends wedding. It should be fantastic. I love a good wedding!

The weekend is often an excuse to indulge or quit working out. And a big event like a wedding of a friend seems like the perfect reason to let go of your healthy habits. This is definitely something I am guilty of! I see the awesome buffet or open bar and go nuts! Whenever I do, I always pay for it after the weekend is over and I don’t feel or look my best.

I dont want all my hard work this week to be for nothing so here are my weekend goals:

1. Limit alcohol to 2 drinks max. And choose red wine, a wine spritzer or vodka soda.

2. Workout in the hotel gym on Saturday and Sunday

3. Plan small bites of “cheat” foods, but make the healthiest choices possible with food

4. Drink lots of water!

Hopefully these goals will keep me in check!

Onto some Friday Favorites… (Note the theme)

1. Fifty Shades of Grey casting choices, Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson— agree or disagree? I like the girl choice and the guy isnt who I was picturing, but I’m not complaining!

50 shades of grey cast dakota johnson charlie hunnam

2. Frames– I’m looking for some awesome frames to display some pictures from a recent trip. I think I like this one from target:

Nate Berkus Indre Frame 5x5 - Espresso/White

3. Football– The first NFL game was last night and college football this Saturday! go bucks!

4. Farm Tour by Luke Bryan. I went to one of this shows last year and I HAVE TO go to another one this year. It was amazinggggg.

5. Flat Tire- Ugh… discovered this on the way to work… had to buy a new tire. Ugh.

This is the only picture I have from when my tire was getting fixed. Too frustrated to take pics.

But it’s all better now! Thank goodness!

Have a great and healthy weekend!


Prosper and be in good health,






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