Quest Bars- my favorite snack EVER.

Happy Friday friends! It is almost the THREE DAY WEEKEND!

BUT, the weekend is NOT an excuse to drop all healthy eating habits! A few cheats are fine, but don’t go crazy! Enjoy your cheats and make them special so that you enjoy them more! 🙂 If you are going to be snacking while watching a sporting event or traveling or watching a movie at home it is important to pick your snacks wisely.

One of my favorite snacks are QUEST BARS. Anyone who has tried them knows what I’m talking ’bout. SO. AMAZING. They are so good that they feel like a cheat meal, even though they are actually pretty good for you. Low in carbs + high protein = awesome.

They are all pretty good, but my favorite is cookie dough. My suggestion: put it in the microwave for about 13 seconds… HEAVEN.

Has anyone tried the new flavor, White Chocolate Raspberry? I liked it a lot!

pretty super awesome

pretty super awesome

Definitely pick some up if you ever need a healthy snack. I like to eat them when I’m traveling and can’t find healthy choices. You can order them online or buy them at most GNC, Vitamin Shops, and some Whole Foods.

Question: Have you tried Quest Bars? Or Quest Cravings?


Prosper and be in good health,